Bird Talk Radio Kansas City


NEW website launched today for Bird Talk Radio Kansas City LIVE talk radio show broadcast links, guest speaker info, upcoming LIVE talk radio shows for keepers of feathered loved ones, FIDS, pet bird owners, bird rescue operators, aviculturists and individual pet bird owners.

Bird Talk LIVE Online has been streaming pre-recorded LIVE talk radio shows seven years as of January 2022!

Streaming the bird love 24/7/365 and podcast shows.

Recent shows featuring: Yvonne Patterson Burbach-Wings Of Love, Candice Tanner-Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary, Steve Martin-Natural Encounters, Tony Silva-Psittaculture, Juli Ann Sands-Circle Of Life Avian Collar, Leslie Moran-Best Bird Food Ever, Laurella Desborough-Organization Of Professional Aviculturists, Suzy Lutey-Wildlife Biologist, Suzanne Ort-Texas Natural Freeze Dried Products, Ginger Duplisse Force Free Parrot Trainer-Ginger’s Parrot Rescue, Jessica Pineda-Editor Bird Talk Magazine

Bird Talk Radio are the world leader in aviculture talk radio!